Hardt's Vision

On-demand high-speed
transportation for everyone


A world without traffic jams, without schedules or rush,
a world where you can live and work at any place you desire,
a world where distance does not matter.


With the speed of an airplane, the price of a bus, and the convenience of a metro, we bring you anywhere at any time.


No more flights being cancelled due to mist or trains not working due to snow storms. It always works, no matter the weather.


Almost no resistance combined with harvesting energy from the sun. Hyperloop is the most environmental friendly way of traveling.



Prove the concept in Europe's first hyperloop test facility.



A high-speed test-facility to prove the system is safe and ready.



Let's start connecting the first two cities with on-demand high-speed transportation.



The start of an era by making your world into a global village.

Team Hardt Hyperloop
A Little Of Our Story

Winners of Elon Musk's Hyperloop Competition

We are now taking it to the next level by building Europe's first full-scale hyperloop testing facility in the Netherlands. Which we do by the name of Hardt, together with a great team and great partners throughout all of Europe!

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